10 Pests That May Be Living in Your Gutters

Being a homeowner comes with many responsibilities, including maintaining the interior and exterior of your home. It’s not generally something you may give much thought to, but your gutters also need attention from time to time. You might think it’s one of those things that’s “out of sight, out of mind,” but leaving your gutters unattended for long periods of time may eventually lead to undesirable consequences — one of which includes pests.

Below, learn more about why cleaning your gutters is important, 10 common pests that could be living in them and tips for permanent pest removal from gutters.

Why Cleaning Your Gutters Is Essential

The main reason cleaning your gutters is important is because it helps you avoid water causing structural damage to your home’s foundation. This may happen if the gutters are clogged — water overflows out of them and drains onto your property. You could also experience leaks and mold on your walls if water isn’t directed away from your home effectively.

If your property is surrounded by trees, you’ll likely be plagued by leaves on your roof in the fall. With rainfall, leaves gather in clumps, making it hard for water to drain through downspouts. Additionally, the heavy weight of debris collected may cause your gutters to warp, sag and even detach from your roof, damaging your home.

In addition to these potential causes of structural issues, not maintaining your gutters can invite pests to live inside them. Moist, dark environments make great homes for a variety of pests. Eventually, these pests may find their way into your house through gaps near your roof, which can pose even greater issues.

10 Different Pests You May Find in Your Gutters

Some pests can pose a threat to your household and should be removed as soon as possible. By keeping your gutters clean, you can get rid of ants, termites, rodents, mites, bees and wasps that can make their way inside your home and cause various issues. Here are 10 common pests you’re likely to find living in your gutters.

1. Mosquitos

Mosquitos breed in large numbers and are found in damp habits where standing water accumulates. If you notice more of them near or in your home, even though you don’t live close to any stagnant water sources, it could be your gutters attracting them. These pests are particularly burdensome because they carry diseases and leave you covered in itchy bumps.

2. Gnats

Though they don’t pose an immediate threat, gnats are common in central Georgia. The well-known gnat line represents areas where they’re found in varying concentrations. Like mosquitos, they’re attracted by still water sources, so your gutters may be attracting them.

3. Birds

You might not think of birds as pests, but when they’re nesting in your gutters, it could lead to bigger problems. Because they use leaves, twigs and other debris to build nests, they add to the clogging problem we mentioned before.

In comparison to other pests, keeping birds out requires a more specific approach. Cover gutters with mesh and netting or have professionals install gutter guards to keep them from accessing your roof cavity and gutters altogether.


4. Cockroaches

It’s not necessarily the most common space you’ll find them in, but cockroaches can live in gutters, too. These evasive insects spread germs and bacteria wherever they go, especially in your home. They breed exponentially and thrive in moist spaces, so they may access your home from your roof and gutters.

5. Rodents

Rodents include mice, rats and squirrels, which are all agile climbers, making gutters ideal for them to scurry in and seek refuge as they climb your downspouts. They’ll use the leaves and debris in your gutter to build nests, as the cavities in your roof provide shelter. They can gain entry to your home through your roof or walls by gnawing through.

6. Ants

These tiny, unwanted pests can find their way into your home through various means, including your gutters. They’re attracted to all kinds of food sources, so you’ll likely find them in your kitchen. Gutters are great habitats for them to live in because they can store food between leaves and spaces in debris. They also don’t have to travel far to collect and drop off their stockpiles.

7. Termites

They’re commonly known to live in dry, woody environments, but termites can also be found in gutters. This is specifically the case with dampwood termites that prefer muggy habitats. By living in gutters, they have easy access to your home, where they’re prone to cause destruction if they aren’t removed.

8. Mites

Mites are so small they’re practically invisible to the naked eye, but they can aggravate allergies and cause disease once they infest your home. Some live on birds and rodents that nest in your gutter and spread when these carriers get inside.

9. Wasps

You might find wasp nests in or close to your gutters because they offer the ideal environment for these pests to source food and protection. Gutter cleaning services may help eradicate nests that serve as a threat to your family when you’re spending time outside.

10. Bees

Bees tend to populate in dark, confined spaces, making gutters a suitable location to nest. More specifically, the hollow chambers in your roof sheets protect them from rain and adverse weather. Like wasps, they’re dangerous to people and animals and should be removed immediately.

How to Remove Pests From Your Gutters

How do you remove pests from your gutters and prevent them from returning? Here are two options:

  • Cleaning regularly: With the amount of debris that can collect on your roof and in your gutters, it’s better to clean your gutters on a regular basis. This destroys any chance of pests building and rebuilding nests and will eventually deter them from returning. Get a professional gutter cleaning company to inspect and clean your gutter thoroughly.
  • Using a gutter guard: The protective covering of a gutter guard reduces maintenance and frequent cleaning by eliminating debris. Pests won’t be able to build nests underneath the gutter guard, offering the ultimate solution to your problem.

Let A Better Gutter Cleaning Do the Dirty Work for You

Let A Better Gutter Cleaning Do the Dirty Work for You

Removing unwanted pests from your gutters is simple with gutter cleaning services from A Better Gutter Cleaning in Atlanta. Our professional and friendly team is here to help you address all your gutter issues, including cleaning, inspection, repair and more. If you’re in need of gutter services, trust us to get the job done right and call us at 404-461-9255 to get started!



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