As a home or commercial property owner, you’ve likely heard about the importance of keeping gutters clean. Inspecting gutters helps make sure your investments function properly between seasons. However, many forget that the elements take a toll on gutters — especially intense heat.

This is your guide to the wear and tear you might see on residential or commercial gutters if you ignore maintenance tasks when the temperatures shift.

The Value of Gutter Maintenance

Gutter maintenance keeps these components functioning. It’s best to hire a professional gutter cleaning company when you live in a location like Atlanta, Georgia, where temperatures are hot most of the year. Experts in your area can remove grime from gutters and free any clogs that could impact healthy water flow.

Routine maintenance eliminates unnecessary stress on your gutters. Cleaning connections gets rid of sludge and water that sits deep within gutters, reducing the weight your gutters have to support during and after storms.

Making sure your residential or commercial gutters are clear helps direct water away from roofs, windows, siding and basements, saving you money on repairs. Keeping excess moisture out of your gutters is also beneficial for repelling insects and wildlife away from your building’s exterior.

The Elements Are Tough on Gutter Installations

You may notice your gutters are inefficient after years go by without maintenance. The elements as well as the way your gutters are installed play a huge role in overall performance.

Some of the top stressors on residential and commercial gutters are:

  • Storms: Heavy rainstorms bring winds and in some cases, hail. From tree branches falling down to debris creating dents and clogs, you should monitor gutters following a brutal forecast.
  • Incorrect installation: Partner with a trusted installer for residential and commercial gutters. Gutters fastened incorrectly will eventually sag or detach from your building’s exterior.
  • Separating joints: It’s possible for gutters to shift due to temperature changes, storms or falling branches. Any time connecting joints separate or pipes crack, water has a hard time moving to downspouts.

Increasing Temperatures and Effects on Gutters

Spring and summer weather may cause your gutter installations to deteriorate. In certain conditions, gutter materials fall weak to the point professional repairs are necessary.

Look out for the effects warm weather seasons have on your home’s gutters.

1. UV Rays and Gutter Damage

Like your skin, metal gutters pay the price with frequent UV exposure. You might think gutters only see UV rays on bright and sunny days, but these invisible waves are present with clouds and on overcast days, too.

Your residential or commercial gutters soak up UV light daily. Over time, these UV rays can cause metal surfaces to crack or break prematurely. Stay ahead of UV ray damage to gutters by hiring a professional to visit your property for inspections and repairs during regular gutter cleanings. The right team can replace sections of your gutters as needed.

2. Heat and Gutter Deterioration

You may find you’re in the market for gutter repairs in Atlanta after temperatures skyrocket throughout the spring or summer. The heat from the sun bakes the inside of connections. For example, a 90-degree day in Georgia could cause the internal temperature of gutters to rise above 150 degrees.

Think of your home or commercial gutters similar to a vehicle sitting in the sun. It feels much hotter when climbing inside your car, truck or SUV compared to your environment. You may choose to leave your vehicle with the windows down to help regulate cabin temperatures. With gutter installations, you don’t have this option.

Intense heat weakens your gutters and makes them rigid. Relying on a reputable professional for gutter solutions is recommended so you end up with premium products manufactured with aluminum for longevity.

3. Gutters and Thermal Expansion

Metals like aluminum expand when heat and UV rays are strong. As you can imagine, an area that gets a lot of sunlight puts your gutter system in the line of fire. Thermal expansion is a legitimate problem for gutter systems since it results in connections cracking or buckling.

You should expect thermal expansion to occur throughout your gutter system’s lifetime, but the key to managing the effect is to hire a well-known team to finish necessary repairs sooner than later. Forgetting routine maintenance for gutters will cause your gutters to fail once multiple sections fall victim to thermal expansion.

Signs You’re Due for a Gutter System Repair

Pay attention to these warning signs your gutters are feeling the effects of heat:

  • Your gutters appear uneven from ground level.
  • There are obvious leaks coming from gutter connections.
  • The siding on your home and indoor walls show mildew and stains.
  • You can see gaps in gutter connections.
  • The flow of water coming from downspouts is slower than usual.
  • Gutter surfaces or hardware are rusting out.

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A Better Gutter Cleaning is here for you when gutters on your residential or commercial structure have blockages. We make gutter cleaning services convenient with online payment options, text reminders before and after appointments, and the opportunity to coordinate gutter repair and protection services alongside our cleanings. Our team serves Atlanta and surrounding areas to help you take control of your property.

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