Pruning your trees is vital for their health and protects your family and home from overhanging branches. Get in the habit of giving your trees regular trims and you’ll soon reap the rewards.

What Is Tree Pruning?

Pruning trees consists of cutting and trimming overgrown leaves and branches. This process involves using a pair of solid pruning shears and a saw, identifying where the tree limbs have become overgrown and cutting them off. Pruning is a good habit to protect your roof, home and rain gutters.

Why Should I Prune My Trees?

There are a variety of reasons why you should consider pruning your trees. Overgrown bushels of trees are a safety hazard to you and your loved ones, and it’s also unhealthy for your trees and might attract certain pests and diseases. Consider these reasons the next time you notice your trees becoming bushy:

1. Protect Your Gutters and Roof

When overgrown and large branches and bushes are left to thrive, they become heavier with time. This overgrowth poses a clear danger for you, your cars and any parts of your home in direct line to a hazardous tree. Ensure your home and family stay safe by giving branches a regular trim.

2. Prevent a Tree From Falling on Your House

Trim long tree branches to maintain your home’s integrity and aesthetics. Protecting your house and gutters against the force of a fallen tree is well worth it. Stormy and windy weather conditions in particular can pose hazards like falling branches and uprooted trees. Pruning your trees before seasons in which you expect high storm frequency can reduce the likelihood of a tree falling on your property.

3. Improve the Health of the Tree

Similar to how weeding out excessive vegetation creates a healthier environment for flora, trimming extra leaves and branches helps protect your tree from choking. More leaves and branches mean more life to sustain for the tree. The added stress of excess branches causes the overuse of oxygen and water. The tree trunk also feels the brunt of this, as the momentum of the extra, heavy leaves will cause the tree trunk to bend. The best thing you can do for your tree’s health is to give it a trim.

4. Reduce Disease and Pest Infestation

As trees grow and their branches start to touch and interlink, various pests or diseases migrate from one tree to another. It’s best to isolate branches as doing this will keep any potential diseases to only one infested tree. When your tree and branches have enough air and sun, this fosters a healthier environment where germs cannot thrive.

Trees need room to breathe and grow and pruning your branches will help them flourish. If you have fruit-bearing trees, this is even more beneficial as you’ll enjoy more crops.

Dangers of Tree Pruning

Trimming trees is part of essential tree upkeep, but it can be dangerous when performed on your own without the help of a professional. There are many risks associated with pruning and leaving it to someone who knows the intricacies of tree trimming means you’ll stay safe, get the best results and have healthier trees:

  • When pruning trees, it’s necessary to work with sharp tools, which can pose a risk if you’re unsure how to use them.
  • If an electricity line gets stuck in the overgrown tree’s bushes, a professional tree trimmer will know how to navigate this.
  • A ladder is sometimes needed to climb a tree and get to the bushes. There’s no need to put yourself at risk when you can put it in the hands of a tree pruning service knowledgeable in the field.
  • As you trim the tree and cut the branches, they fall and may land on passing pets, people or cars. Sometimes, more complicated tree trimming jobs mean tree limbs above your head can fall, too. A professional will know how to protect themselves and your home while cutting branches.

When Is the Best Time to Prune Trees?

Pruning your trees can be done at any time of the year as soon as you notice that your trees are overgrown. It’s better to take a pre-emptive approach to any loss or damage that overgrown bushes can cause than to react to damage already caused by dense branches. These factors aside, it’s also a good idea to keep on top of things to ensure your trees stay in optimal health.

You can have your trees trimmed while their growth cycle is still dormant. For most trees, this would be around late Winter to early Spring. Pruning during this time of the year allows them to see more growth.

Storms can cause a lot of havoc to your property, including to your trees. Tree branches and leaves blow haphazardly and you never know where most of the damage occurred and to what extent — for this reason, doing proper gutter cleaning and tree pruning after a storm is a must, as you prevent any hanging branches from potentially causing harm.

Our Tree Pruning Process

A Better Gutter Cleaning has a tried and trusted process to trim your overgrown tree branches safely and professionally:

  • We assess the tree lengths and trim the branches onto your roof using an eight-foot pole saw.
  • Once complete, we climb on your roof and cut the branches back.
  • We then come down from your roof and safely collect the limbs, cutting them into four-foot-long sections.
  • We place the branches curbside or anywhere else on your property.
  • As an additional service with an extra fee, we can also clean your gutters to ensure extra peace of mind.
  • You don’t need to be home for us to clean your gutters and trim your branches, allowing you to fit our services into your schedule.

We have a seamless sales process that will give you peace of mind from your first call to when the job is complete:

  1. Our website is dynamic, meaning our unique customer portal enables us to keep track of our crew members and relay that information back to you.
  2. We send out email and text notifications for your peace of mind so you will know when we’re coming.
  3. Our system allows us to track when you schedule your service and notify you the day before we arrive.
  4. When the service is complete, we will send you a link to securely pay online on our website, which we apply automatically to your account. This process allows you to view your order history.

Getting a professional service has never been better, ensuring we take care of your gutters and pruning while you take care of your home and family.

The Best in Tree Pruning Services

For your and your family’s safety, trust the experts at A Better Gutter Cleaning for professional tree trimming and gutter cleaning services. We can provide a gutter cleaning quote or chat with you to estimate the cost before you order a service. Get in touch with us today!


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